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Whale Spotting in Cabo XII

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Leary’s thinking was already contaminated with middle-class achievement orientation, and his “turn on, tune in, and drop out” mantra gave people the impression that a new state of mind could be obtained, as if it were just one more piece of furniture. What did America learn from all of those trips? Nothing that wasn’t staring at us already in the mirror! Leary tried to make it look easy and didn’t consider what happened to those who found the intensity but failed to give way to the implications. It was no surprise that they stopped searching, and then decided that they just wanted to numb the pain of life. And, this is where the comparison ends. The psychedelic experience was fundamentally different from the pill mills that dispense hillbilly heroin in Southern Ohio and the pharmacies that dispense Zanax: none of them is preaching a better way. There won’t be a high-priest of Prozac or a Church of Zoloft.


Whale Spotting in Cabo V

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The architecture is traditional Mexican: terracotta floors, whitewashed walls, colorful ceramic tiles, red-tiled roofs, and an idyllic garden, full of fountains, banana trees, bougainvilleas, birds of paradise and swaying palm trees. As soon as we arrived, a young woman met us at the door with tropical drinks, and as we checked in, the bellman gave us the usual tourist lowdown: “If you look out on the water, you will see the whales swim by. They jump up and splash, using their pectoral fins to make noise, calling the other whales in their pod.” Of course, I assumed he was a lying bastard, like most people who work in the tourist industry. I told my daughter, “They probably give all of the tourists the same line of bull.”